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Ticona multi-function chamfer cutter
Tänhör has added to TungQuad an economical and versatile chamfer cutter family that supports compound chamfering with a single knife.
The new TungQuad chamfer cutter adds versatility and complements Tikhlo's chamfering tool range. This cutter uses a square, single-sided, positive-angle compact blade with a 5.09mm (.2 ") side length. This is the same tool that can be used with front hole diameters down to ø6 mm (.24" Chamfering with ø13 mm (.51 ") backside chamfering along the edges.
The new milling cutter optimizes the existing TungQuad blades of the SDMT05 and SDHT05 models with the AH725, AH140 and TH10 for machining a wide range of workpiece materials. Three types of standard milling tool stockers with shank diameters ø12 mm (.47 "), ø14 mm (.55"), and ø22 mm (.87 "). Non-standard milling cutters are available upon request.
Single-sided inserts with 4 tips improve economy (existing TungQuad inserts);
Universal chamfer cutter can be used for composite chamfering;
Chamfering with small hole diameters up to ø6 mm can be performed;
Total increase: 3 kinds of body, 3 kinds of blades.

From: Tool Technology