2015 CCTE Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition as a cutting tool in the field of exclusive event, open up the cutting tool area, the formation of the whole industry chain services. France Frecon as a cutting tool for raw materials manufacturers optimistic about this exhibition and for the first time settled, will face the same as the exhibitors buyers group and Exhibition professional audience.

Changzhou Faure hole new material technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French Fuleikong trade that is located in Jiangsu province Changzhou Wujin hi tech industrial zone. In early 2012 officially established.
France Fuleikong Co. Ltd was founded at the beginning of the main production of oil hole cold bar used in the production of cold cutting drill. Development to the current set of production and processing, research and development, sales and other diversified development in an integrated Multi-National Corporation.
[] the business development of products using Fuleikong relates to the Bio Medical, industrial tools, many areas of high-tech application etc..
Biochemistry and medicine: the production of stainless steel and titanium alloy hollow rods, widely used in medical instruments and bone implants and other fields.
Tool industry: the production of high-speed steel hole cold rod, special steel in the inner hole of the cold rod and spiral type double cold rod, used in internal cooling type cutting tool production, such as drill, screw drill, reamer, etc..
Applications of high-tech: production hole steel bar or porous steel rod, widely used in high-tech industries, such as all kinds of high pressure parts, nuclear industry, aerospace industry, Suzhi mould.
[part of the product category]

Changzhou Faure hole new material choice Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition, further proof of the 2015 CCTE as cutting tools in the field of exclusive event superiority, in the pre blessing Thunder Hole new materials exhibition a success, also welcomed the more cutting tools of raw materials suppliers to join CCTE Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition, work together to boost the development of the industry.