TIGRA exhibition CCTE

Along with the advance of CCTE Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition in the field of cutting tools market, the cutting tool enterprises are encouraged to register, the upstream and downstream firms also aimed at the business opportunities, take to promote their products, identify target customers. As the world's top hard alloy producer, tygra (Tigra) China Co., Ltd. has been determined once again joined the Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition.


TIGRA, founded in 1982, has been focused on the production and processing of hard alloy parts for tool industry hard materials and super hard materials as well as special applications. Its products are based in Germany, may at any time to provide high quality of hard alloy, PCD, PCBN, high speed steel, mosaic type alloy blank, sawtooth, alloy bar, wear parts, a cutter blade, textiles and foil products tool, PCD, PCBN wafer and semi-finished products. Regardless of the number of the customer's drawings can be efficiently processed.
[TIGRA service] TIGRA production target is to provide customers with the highest quality products. Its equipment is developed and assembled, the use of these automated, flexible adjustment of the equipment, can be in the shortest time to provide customers with 100% highly cost-effective products through optical inspection.
The best use of TIGRA recommended for different processing materials program, customers can achieve the best use of wood metal and composite materials cutting. In close cooperation with customers, TIGRA as a reliable partner to provide customers with a variety of personalized programs, thereby ensuring the tool life, reduce the considerable cost.
By Tigra proficient in hard alloy production and processing knowledge, combined with today's most advanced technology, use of automation equipment, and constantly improve the stamping, sintering, grinding and coating ability; utilization of industrial camera and laser technology to monitor the product quality the flexibility for different customers with high quality products, occupy a place in the market.
[position] Tigra Tigra in a variety of cutting field has been in the leading position in the world, in the world within the scope of service clients in over 80 countries and is in the world only to provide PCBN cutter particle semi-finished products and a milling tool manufacturers.
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