IMC metal cutting leading enterprises and CCTE hug "dance""

  As a cutting tool and hard alloy circular rod in the industry leading enterprises, IMC international metal cutting (Dalian) Co., Ltd., the new technology upgrade, to push new products, October 26-28, will join 2015 Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition, scene rendering is worth more points. Welcome visitors to visit the D12-1 booth to visit the procurement. I wish the IMC international metal cutting (Dalian) company to participate in the smooth!!

  Booth No. D12-1

IMC international metal cutting (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (referred to as IMC Dalian) is invested by IMC group, set up in the territory of China cutting tool and carbide rod production and sales enterprises. Company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, from the beginning of the plant is based on the Chinese tool market to provide quality products and services. Warren Buffett attended the opening ceremony in 2007, but also to the development of the company opened a new chapter.

  IMC International Metal Working Engineering & Production (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a certified manufacturer of fine quality metal cutting tools and carbide rods that are used in the automotive, mechanical and engineering industries. By using premium quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, IMCD (Dalian) offers a high quality carbide rod that is available in different sizes, shapes and lengths. In order to comply with the demands of various clients, IMCD is able to fulfill customized requests at the most competitive prices. Approved by international standards and norms, IMCD’s entire range of products are available in features comprising of excellent performance, optimum quality, standard sizes, custom-made solutions, and more.

  IMCD carbide rods are extensively used for hole boring cutters, milling cutters and reamer bits. These rods are manufactured using high grade raw material and the most advanced machining tools to ensure compliance with customary industry standards. Moreover, their expert quality controllers inspect these rods on specific, well-defined parameters to ensure precision.

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