Shanghai EHWA Mechanical

Shanghai two and Machinery Co., Ltd. has been identified for the first time to attend the 2015 CCTE, and the exhibition will be the scene to show the latest products.
Shanghai II and Machinery Co., Ltd. Korea second and ehwa diamond club was established in 1975 and 2005 become world diamond's third - largest business enterprises, with annual sales of 1.5 billion dollars. June 2004 began construction in Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao Industrial Zone, a total investment of 2000 million dollars today. April 2005 Shanghai two and the product began to formally put into the Chinese market.
Product range:
Design and produce all kinds of diamond, cubic boron nitride wheel, PCD and PCBN tools, diamond abrasive, electroplated tools, roller play abrasive, high precision tools.

Two and grinding wheel involved in the field is very wide, cars, tools, compressors, mold, electronics and other industries. Since 1975, ehwa by virtue of its high quality products, excellent service and professional skills to build up the reputation, in the world quickly extended its market share, China three factories in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Weihai is divided into, in South Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan also hold factories.
EHWA procurement of raw materials, industrial diamonds and CBN from the United States of America's Superabrasives GE, the UK's Co. Tomei, Japan's Co. DeBeer and Co. Showadenko and other companies of the product.

Recently developed high performance RESINBOND grinding wheel than BOND POLYMIDE in terms of hardness, wear resistance, shape maintaining strength, thermal resistance is significantly improved. Its grinding performance is excellent, elastic, resin bond but also in terms of hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance with the advantages of metal bond has a similar performance. For end milling, drilling, reaming and drilling processing, is conducive to the feed rate and high cutting speed FLUTE.

The company mainly produces diamond tools in the field of mining and stone processing, as well as the construction of concrete structures and asphalt roads and other construction related diamond tools. Especially in 2001 world first obtained the patent ZENESIS technology is, beyond the uniform arrangement of diamond particles diversity array technology, the company through its ingenious and meet the sharpness and wear resistance of diamond design and production technology to lead the market.