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After five years of accumulation and development, CCTE through resource integration, strategic adjustment, is now poised to be ready in March 2018 joint CME China Machine Tool Show to 70,000 flat total appearance in the world's largest exhibition hall - National Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Focusing on the display of domestic and international brand cutting tools, tool and equipment manufacturing units, and the same period there are abrasive grinding exhibition, measuring tools and equipment exhibition, carbide and powder metallurgy exhibition, machine tool accessories exhibition, aimed at building high-quality tool trading platform , Supporting machinery manufacturing equipment industry to the Pearl River Delta strong manufacturing capacity as the starting point for the whole industry to create a large-scale, highly influential machine tool procurement event!
Close to the market trends, strengthen domestic and foreign cutting-edge technology exchanges and exchanges. CCTE2018 will be held during a variety of high-end forums, technical seminars and other series of activities, the formation of brand promotion, display transactions, high-end dialogue, market development, leading the forefront and the concept of communication and other integrated international trade platform, all-round display of metal Processing the breadth and depth of the whole industry chain.
     CCTE and CME combination, not only the scope of the exhibition to complement the advantages of superposition, it is a year and a half to more in-depth understanding of the industry, and further promote the integration of private enterprises and small micro-enterprises, listen to more small and medium enterprises voice , Take more high-end enterprise market path, the effective combination of small and medium enterprises to promote the innovation and development of China's tool industry. With the cooperation of CME, you can borrow its mature market, bring more resources for exhibitors, which is rational to the two industries together to do a careful decision to achieve the integration of resources, complementary advantages. Mutual appreciation will come together, is to seek industry status and career a high degree of strategic adjustment, is not a simple profit behavior.
       Professional large database, so that "tool manufacturing unit" full start!
       Focus on the industry of the 4.0 era of metal cutting technology innovation and application, sharing the Chinese manufacturing 2025 transformation and upgrading of new development opportunities!
       2018CCTE tool manufacturing unit fire full! Focus on the needs of tool manufacturers, and automotive manufacturing, 3C industry, mold processing, aerospace, new energy manufacturing, petrochemical, medical equipment and other end-users of the production process improvement and tool management innovation, docking the national high-quality resources to provide a wide range Cooperation channel, new on-line!