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History Introduction

2015 CCTE 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition was held in Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center on Oct. 26 - 28. YANG Xuetong, Vice Executive Chairman of CMIF, LUO Yong, Vice Chairman of Tool Association of CMTBA, President and Party Secretary of SINOMACH Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., SHANG Hongmo, Vice Chairman of CMCTEA and Vice Director of SINOMACH Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., QI Yuanping, Vice Chairman of CMCTEA, HUANG Ningqiu, Secretary General of CMCTEA, ZHA Guobin, Secretary General of National Standardized Technological Committee of Cutting Tool, Vice Director of National Standardized Technological Committee of Measuring instrument, Vice Secretary General of CMCTE, ZHANG Heng, Director of National Institute of Metrology, China; XIN Jiezhi, Vice Secretary General of CMCTEA and Editor ofTool Technology; TANG Qiaoxiu, Vice Secretary General of CMCTEA; LIN Hui, Secretary General of Taizhou Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association and FENG Yi, Executive Director of Lingshuo Group Holdings Ltd. and General Manager of Shanghai Aozhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony and made speeches. 

In order to speed up the transformation, updating and innovation of metal processing industry, as well as to enhance the competitiveness of cutting tool industry in the world, the 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition took several efficient measures and increased the quantity of booths. At last, the 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition was quite successful. In fact, this was the first professional exhibition for cutting tool industry in China, which had greatly affect the transformation and updating of traditional cutting tool and which attracted cutting tool manufacturers at home and abroad. Still, it greatly benefited the economical and technological cooperation. Anyway, it was rather a big success. 

 [Exhibition Introduction]

As for 2015 CCTE 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition, it covered an exhibition area was almost 14,000m2, which attracted 206 exhibitors at home and abroad. Among all the exhibitors, 144 were from China, accounting for 70% while 62 were from oversea, accounting for 30%. Satisfaction of exhibitors was as high as 80%. During this exhibition, over 16,758 professional visitors were present, which was 50% more than last year. 

During this exhibition, all kinds of innovative cutting tools and technologies were on display, including cutting tool, tool material, grinding tool and grinding material, tool supplies, measuring tools, tool equipment and so on. The exhibition lasted for 3 days, attracting world-famous brands and enterprises from over 30 countries and regions,such as Sandvik, SECO, IMC, Mitsubishis, Cominix, SUMITOMO Electric, EHWA, Erasteel, HAFFMAN, Hartmetall AG, Chengdu Cutting Tool Research Co., Ltd, Chengdu Chengliang Tool Group Co., Ltd., CENTRIX-EG Ltd., Nagoya, Brilliant Group International Ltd., Weihai Weiying Tool Co., Ltd., Suzhou AHNO Cutting Tool Co., Ltd., YAMADA, Jiangsu Jianmin Tool Co., Ltd., SDTOOL,  Shanghai Suporhard Tool Co., Ltd., Ever Sharp Tools, OKE Carbide Co., Ltd., TIGRA, OKOSHI Metal Material Co., Ltd., Helitronic Basic HAIMER, DJTO, Taizhou SAINUOKE Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Guanyi Grit Wheel Co., Ltd. etc.


Under the background that the economy in the world is being fast developed and the globalized procurement is being enlarged, 2015 CCTE 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition, sticking to the ideology of “Technology-oriented, Innovative and Honest”, established a show platform for enterprises and provided a best space for the trade cooperation via focusing on international market, mastering the demands of innovative components and paying attention to buyers and sellers. During the exhibition, there were several seminars and forums, where hot topics in different fields were discussed and elites in cutting tools were present. By the seminars and forums, all attendees were trying to find out the development direction of cutting tool industry. Still, all experts present had a warm discussion on the first-class technologies, design philosophies and market tendency. 

What was discussed: presentation made by SECO --- Solution for SECO Technology to Perfect the Key Components of Aviation Industry; presentation made by YANG Xiao, CEO of Cutting Technology --- Push forward Transformation by Cutting Technology; presentation made by CemeCon AG ---Application of Advanced Coating Technology in the field of Cutting Tool; presentation made by XU Wuzhi, Automobile Gearbox Business Supervisor in Great China of SANDVIK --- Application of Advanced Process and Cutters in the field of Gearbox; presentation made by CENTRIX-EG Ltd. (Chengdu) ---Application of Localized High-end Cutting Tool in the field of Automobile; presentation made by WU Tianming, Vice General Technologist of Shanghai Turbine Co., Ltd.--- Application of Advanced Cutting Tool and Equipment in the field of Turbine. 

[Data Analysis]

Exhibitors’ Proportion: cutting tool was 73%, tool material was 12%; grinding tool and material was 5%, tool supplies was 4%, measuring tool was 3%, tool equipment was 3%.

visitors’ proportion: general manager was 18%, marketing man and salesman was 22%, purchaser was 36%, engineers was 21%, media man was 1% and others was 2%;

visitors’ Industry Proportion: aviation processing was 22%, shipbuilding was 6%, machine tool supporting was 20%, automobile component processing was 25%, mould making was 21% and others was 6%. 

For the 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition, the trade negotiation was widely carried out. The trade volume was 60% higher than the last exhibition, which mainly included hard alloy cutter, high-speed steel tool, superhard tool, hard alloy material, high-speed steel, super hard material, tool grinder, grinding wheel, super hard abrasive and so on. 

[Introduction of 2016 CCTE]

The 4th Shanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition is to be held in SWEECC (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center) from Oct. 11 to 13, 2016, which is jointly hosted by SINOMACH Chengdu Tool Research Co., Ltd. and Lingshuo Group Holdings Ltd. and greatly supported by several industrial associations professional in machine tools. At that time, other exhibitions, including Shanghai International Cemented Carbide & Cutting Tool Material Exhibition (CCME) and Shanghai International Grinding Technology Processing Exhibition (CAGE), are to be held. It is targeted to have an overall industrial-chain exhibition for metal cutting. By then, this exhibition will be a big deal for metal processing industry.

[Display Area Planning] 

cutting tool area, area for technological equipment of cutting tool, area for hard alloy cutting tool material, area for abrasive and grinding technology processing, area for international brand. 

The 4thShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition -- the largest and most authoritative exhibition in China for cutting tool, targets to set up the first professional exchange platform for cutting tool. By the exhibition, all new process, new material and new equipment related to cutting tool will be on display. We are here looking forward to you!