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YANG Xuetong, Vice Executive President of CMIF (China Machinery Industry Federation) said: “Shanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition is rather capable in comprehensiveness, which establishes a platform for exchange. One one hand, it enhances the communication between users and manufacturers; on the other hand, it provides an opportunity for the manufacturers to learn from each other. Also, all exhibitors and visitors are able to communicate with overseas manufacturers and advanced manufacturers. Therefore, the Exhibition provides new ideology for structural adjustment, enterprise updating and industrial development. In a word, Shanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition is becoming more and more comprehensive and high-end. As for the 4thShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition, the display area is large, both exhibitors and visitors are in large amounts. It will be definitely wonderful.” 

LUO Yong, Vice Chairman of Tool Association of CMTBA, President and Party Secretary of SINOMACH Chengdu Tool Research Institute Co., Ltd., said: “the 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition was quite successful. On this Exhibition, we could see a lot of industrial resources and a new pattern of cutting tool exhibition; still this Exhibition also start the technological reform and provide solution proposals. Anyway, the 3rdShanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition showed you a feeling of new and fresh, where you could see new processes, new products and new equipment of cutting tool industry. This Exhibition was highly evaluated both at home and abroad. It made great contribution to the development of cutting tool and equipment industry in China.” 

WU Sheng, General Manager of SECO (Shanghai) said: “there were many professional visitors attending this Exhibition, which would greatly help the enterprise development and brand propaganda. During this Exhibition, we were able to have a face-to-face communication with clients, as well as a technological exchange with our colleagues. Everything was rather out of our expectation. I am sincerely appreciate CCTE for providing such a good and authoritative platform for our trade cooperation and technological exchange. I also sincerely hope that this Exhibition will be better and better.” 

It is said by Shanghai SUPORHARD Tools Co., Ltd. that “all my colleagues thought this Exhibition was wonderful. The first day was really out of our expectation. All visitors were quite professional. Many exhibitors and visitors were present. Anyway, we will continue to support and attend this exhibition.” 

In 2016, CCTE Shanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition will be held at SWEECC. By then, there will be five display areas --- international brand area, cutting tool area, area for technological equipment of cutting tool, area for hard alloy and cutting tool material, area for abrasive and grinding technology processing. It is estimated that about 500 high-quality suppliers at home and abroad will attend. The display area is about 30,000m2. There will be about 50,000 person-time buyers. At that time, a lot of technological processing forums will be held, which will covers a lot of industries, like aviation, automobile manufacturing, E-IT, high-speed rail and rail transit, energy making and ship building etc. 

We deeply believe that 2016 CCTE Shanghai International Cutting Tool and Equipment Exhibition will be as successful and attractive as before.