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Marketing& Promoting

 CCTE, attracts buyers for you

1. Invitation

By filtering information about 500,000 enterprises engaging in automobile components, aerospace, model manufacturing, metal processing, machinery supporting parts and ship building, as well as information related to tool enterprise and tool supporting enterprises in China, CCTE, by sending invitations to 180 large-scale users of hardware tool and machine tools, sincerely invite relevant administrative staff, technicians and purchasers. By 2016 CCTE, it is targeted to set up a most authoritative platform for communication and transaction in the field of cutting tools.


2. Free Ticket Plan

More than 250,000 tickets and exhibition agendas will be printed, which are to be directly given to exhibitions related to mechanical market, hardware cutting tool market and machine building industry. Besides, users of tools and cutting tools, as well as relevant manufacturers, research institutes and colleges will be mailed with free tickets. By such a free ticket plan, exhibitors are able to send the invitations to the most suitable visitors. Invitations which are used to invite visitors by exhibitors themselves will be fully available.

3. Online Promotion

The newest information and tendency of cutting tools will be collected, which will be sent to users of cutting tools every week (regularly or irregularly) under the support of promotion platforms, like media partners’ website, self-operated website, message, QQ, email, Blog and Wechat etc.

4. Media Partners

By having strategic cooperation with hundreds of medias engaging in cutting tools, CCET has formed powerful promotion methods, including propaganda by authoritative magazine, newspaper, television and broadcasting. For example, several professional magazines and websites, like Tool Engineering and www.cctw.cc are used to release exhibition information about CCTE. By this kind of propaganda, the information is able to be advertised in the way of clustering.

5. User Industrial Associations

CCET Organization Committee will invite nearly hundreds of cutting tool user industrial associations, wishing to achieve deep cooperation with them. By then, these associations will attend this exhibition together. In this way, the buyers are able to have a face-to-face communication with all exhibitors, which will shorten the cooperation procedure and realize the goal of win-win. CCTE,under the principle of “Bridge to be Built, Enterprise to be Served”, will make full use of its resources to organize relevant activities, so that a better cooperation and communication platform for cutting tool enterprises will be established. Generally, CCTE will benefit both cutting tool manufacturers and users, which will push forward the rapid development of cutting tool industry.